The Huntington Beach Plein Air art show is hanging and I got a really fantastic spot in the gallery … on the back wall across from the main entry, so my three paintings were the first pieces you see as you walk into the main room of the gallery. Although I did not win any awards, it was great to know that the curator of the gallery felt that my paintings were of the caliber to be the main focus of the main gallery. Once they hung the show, a single individual (Michael Obermyer) came in to judge the artwork. That can be pretty much a crap shoot sometimes because the preferences of a single judge can go all over the board. I really respect Obermyer’s paintings and have admired his work for many years.

I will be back next year. They announced that as a part of Hunting Beach’s Centennial celebration, they will have a requirement to include at least one painting with a historical building as the subject. That will be fun.