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abaloneOil Painting Class

WEDNESDAY Mornings 9:00-12:00
$200 for 4 classes. $75 for one. Start anytime.

Classes will be a mix of still-life and studio work on paintings started from photos and copies of old master paintings. Students will work on personal projects as well as copies of master works and still life paintings, learning basic through advanced concepts of composition, contrast (value) and color will all be covered.

before_afterBeginning Drawing

Thursdays 9am to noon. 
11 weeks beginning Jan 28, 2016 ending April 28 (No class on March 3 or 24, 2016)
$450 for 11-week class (includes textbook, sketchbook, pencils, kneaded eraser, pencil holder)

NOTE: We will focus on the Figure for the final 4 weeks and include a live model to draw from for 2 classes. An addition $10 model fee per class will be collected during these 2 classes.

Developing the art of observation will be the principal aspect of this drawing class. The way we perceive the world, shapes our worldview and our approach to life. The ability to “see” is one of the most important aspects of creating a drawing. We will be learning to gaze at a subject, discovering relationships between shapes, looking for subtle shifts in light and shadow, composition, perspective and many other tools for creating an accurate rendering of any subject.

Students will be working on classroom projects, and will also be required to follow-up each week in their sketch journal. Instructor demonstrations are an important part of any session and take place often and when necessary. Attention will be given to different skill levels within the class.

Register for any or all of these classes at