About Rich

“Threshold” 36×36″ oil with metal leaf

I was born in Long Beach, CA and until moving to Kentucky in 2019, I have spent my entire life along the coast. In 2011, after painting part-time and having a career as an art director who worked digitally, I decided to go analog and pursue fine art full-time. Seascapes and landscapes are so deeply ingrained in my personal history that it is a part of my being. I am fascinated with the ocean’s vastness and the solitude I find in its presence, but it has an even deeper significance, too. My seascape paintings reflect my thoughts about the ocean as a threshold between the beings living above its surface and the life teeming below, and about how the ocean supports and sustains life beyond itself. In sum, it’s a spiritual metaphor for my views about the penetrable boundary between the seen and unseen. I have spent much of my time doing figurative work which is more about storytelling. Here in Springfield, KY, through the curious eyes of a young Abraham Lincoln, I look around and get inspired by the landscape that I see every day.

—Rich Brimer • 859-481-4576 • rich@richbrimer.com