Block Printing

I was hooked on the first day of my printmaking class with Dr. John Solem at California Lutheran College (now University). I really enjoy the very visceral act of carving into wood and linoleum or scratching a steel stylus across the smooth surface of copper or aluminum. The meditative connection that occurs during this process is important and is one of the pure pleasures of working with these mediums. The wonders of the digital age we are now accelerating in, are slowed down for me with printmaking. The act of hand inking, printing and finally pulling the new print up off the block is fulfilling in ways that digital imagery can never replace.

Now, I offer several of my original, hand-printed, linoleum block prints for collectors to enjoy in their own environments. I look forward to developing new works and new relationships with other printmakers and collectors all over the world. Now THAT is something I can thank the digitally connected world for.

“Carmel Beach Fence Line” Linoleum Block Print


In addition to the prints above,  I have 14 new lino prints

to illustrate a children’s book called

Curious Li’l Lilli that you can see and purchase at 

Click the image above to go to Curious Li’l Lilli’s website


Lino Prints

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