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A couple of years ago, I read the story about the violin virtuoso Joshua Bell. He donned street clothes and a baseball cap and played his 3.5 million dollar Stradivarius for a while in a busy Washington DC Metro terminal. It was an experiment to see how many people would take notice in the midst of their bustling day. After an hour, this man who regularly gets $1000 a minute for his playing, received about $35 in tips in his violin case. While thousands passed by on their way to their busy day, a few people stopped to watch for a couple moments, and only one person recognized him.

The point of this story is that “context matters.” So does awareness. It can take a lot of work to receive wonder and awe into our lives. We are too often “on task” to take notice to some of the most beautiful moments before us.

As the new year begins another annual cycle, consider keeping an eye out for a few simple pleasures in life. Watch for the rare coastal bloom of the coreopsis plants in February that appear to be dead most of the year. Visit a local gallery or museum and gaze a few paintings. If you see a street musician, pause and listen with your inner being. There is a never ending stream of beauty that encounters you each and every day.

Keep your eyes and heart open.

Rich Brimer
ACCV President

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To read the full Washington Post story about Joshua Bell, go to LINK