Thirsty 8

OK… I am getting closer. I have at least put some effort into ALL of the faces now. I have quite a lot left to do on each to tweak them but I can start to see where this is all going. I plan to finish this week with it because there is a “Board and...

Thirsty 7

So, I got a lot more progress done tonight on this painting. I was not ever that satisfied on having the large hand coming in from off screen on the bottom right. I felt it was to “present” and drawing too much attention to itself because of its size and...

Thirsty 6

So, it has been a long while since I posted an update for this painting. I have been poking at it and doing some work on it for a few evenings this week, so I am showing some of the progress here. Getting into the studio has been a pleasure that I have finally gotten...

Thirsty 5

You may not be able to see much difference, but I worked on the shirts a lot this weekend. Here is a couple of closeups of one and an overall shot.

Thirsty 4

Here are a couple of closeups of my painting. I love how the light can make such simple shapes to tell the story of this kids face… but there is STILL much work to be done. More online soon.