So, if you’ve been watching my blog for any length of time, you would have heard me dreaming of the day when I could open an art center where a generous amount life and creativity would flow.  I am compelled to help myself and others to have eyes to see and a voice to expose the injustices that surround them. I also hope to replace it by showing The Beautiful that is woven into everything around us. With this in mind, I have opened Blue Sky Art Center in my community; Camarillo, CA. I have been surrounding myself with many people with the same heart as myself to impact our world with the Arts. I have many artists, seasoned college professors, a lawyer and other community leaders, willing to invest time and effort into making this art center a reality to impact our world. In both lean times and in times of growth, we need prophets to share the stories of creation, redemption and of healing. The Arts have a special ability to affect social change. As a creator who sees value in this, I want to create a permanent space that will become into a regional destination where this can take place… where artists learn to be seers, where the voice of the Creator can speak through creation, affirm His people and lead in change.

So, I have embedded Blue Sky Art Center in the SCIART Studios because there is so much creative inertia, and it makes good sense to go where there is already movement in the same direction. To get the ball rolling, I have posted a list of classes on the website. See if there is any offerings that you or your kids would be interested in. CLASSES