So, perhaps you’ve heard, that I have illustrated another children’s book. “Another you say?” Yes, I have illustrated 48 children’s books over the years, so this makes it #49. 

Curious Li’l Lilli Cover

Curious Li’l Lilli

This is a book about a curious little lamb named Lilli. Every day is a new adventure. She chases everything from a frog to a butterfly. She wanders around the fields and forest. She gets lost and she gets found again. 

The story was written after author Karlene Kay Ryan saw “The Good Shepherd” another lino block of mine hanging in my studio/gallery in Carmel, CA. (See below) When Karlene saw this little lamb staring at her, she imagined a story of a curious little lamb that captured her heart. After some days went by, she went back to see me and to share her idea of having me create a new series of linoleum block prints to illustrate this new children’s book. With this, we set off to begin what would be a 3-year collaboration to make this wonderful story about a little black-faced lamb named Li’l Lilli and the shepherd who always brings his lost sheep back into the fold. 

You can order a signed copy from me directly at — there you can also find the entire collection of B&W lino prints that are available for your collection. Or you can buy it directly at this LINK