Tonight I begin again. Camarillo Figure Artists is the new group I will be hosting. It is a group of artists gathered to find our way through the evening while drawing or painting a figure with some snacks and perhaps a glass of wine in hand. In many ways this is my favorite thing to do — gather with people to create. The energy of a group like this is very organic, spiritual and are connected with each other with the subject before us.  I was in Dave Gallup’s figure group last night when I painted the above painting of Toni. He said that his approach to figure painting is similar to doing a landscape painting. If you paint simply what you see, the colors, shapes, relationships between them, your painting will represent the figure that is modeling for you. There is little need to fully understand anatomy. I will mull that over for a while, but I like the approach. So, tonight I have 16 people signed up and about 6 others that have told me they expect to come. I better get an extra couple bottles of wine 😉