Back from another weekend. I did not get much painting done, but I had a wonderful time at the beach. It started out at San Onofre on Friday. I left work at 1pm to make my drive down to the camp site, and it ended up that I did not get there until nearly 6:00. I changed into my swimming trunks and went straight to the shore and dropped my things and went into the water. After a 5-hour (190 mile) drive I was so ready for a good swim. There were very few people on the beach at this time of night which was fine my me. I stayed there in solitude watching the sky and the birds and and the sea. The sun went down around 7:30, so just after the big red orb lost its last flicker on the horizon, I made my way back to the cliffs to make the climb back to camp. Oh, what a night it was. I decided to not put the tent up, choosing to sleep in the bed of my Ford F-150. With a tarp over half of the bed to catch the evening dew, I put three sleeping bags down for the base coat and used only a sheet for a cover. The night was a balmy 70 degrees.

I got up with the sun and packed up and found a Starbucks in San Clemente and continued my drive north to Huntington Harbor where I painted this … “Harbor View” which is a few of the harbor from the end of Edinger. As you can see, I was able to save the tree from the potentially disastrous stripe of phthalo blue. <whew!>