When Jesus said “I was naked and you clothed me” I wonder what he meant? This painting is a scene from a real life experience that I witnessed. This lady came up to us at Mac Arthur park and was not really dressed for the cold day she found herself in. It was January and in the low 50s. Her top was a sleezy mid-drift lace undergarment, and she was wearing tight biking shorts that revealed every crack and curve. Her shoes were low pumps and she was looking for a “job” when she came across the gathering. All in all, she was exposing herself to the world on a couple of levels. Physically, she was cold and pretty close to naked, but it was her soul that became exposed when she was offered a jacket to cover up with. With a cup of hot coffee in hand, she began to tell her story to Pastor Hector and Sue. There is something truly special about a warm drink from a (new) friend. Sometimes the simple things in life mean the most at times like this.

In the second of my series, I have gotten pretty far but, I have a lot of work to do yet. I will start again on the face of the lady on the left. It is a good start, but she looks dirtier than she really was, but I think that she felt even worse. She got cleaned up that day with a shower of God’s mercy through Sue and Hector. You can watch this exchange in the 5 minute video listed below under “Sunday in the Park with Rob.”

In order to show some size perspective, here is a photo from a preview showing that I did at a show at Amgen (where I work).