rich_carolIt has been a few months since I have sent out an update so here you go. Carol Henry and I have been making some plans that I want to share with you. First off, we relocated to Monterey Peninsula a few months ago. Carol has had her beautiful fine art darkroom monoprints in a photo gallery in Carmel for over 20 years so she knows the area well. The art market is alive and well there and there was no better time than now for us to make the leap. I have been painting and selling more work than ever before, so I can tell you how happy I am that we made this move.

CVA_LogoWith that said, I want to announce our new joint-venture Carmel Visual Arts which is our new gallery and will be our personal studios. Carol will be directing photography exhibits & workshops and I will be hosting painting and drawing workshops from well known artists from around the country. Exciting exhibits and call-for-entry shows are also on the horizon.

In the midst of painting and directing workshops and teaching my own painting classes, I will also continue sending out some personal updates from this list as well. I hope to hear back from you about your life. If you are in the area, please come by for a visit.