A tribure to DaVinci and Brother Sun

Well, “any press is good press” so the saying goes. Hopefully this article in today’s Ventura County Star will raise the issue in the Conejo Valley that there is a great need in our community for a proper art gallery/museum – instead of the borrowed space from the CRPD, which we appreciate greatly – since it is a hallway – not a destination for art lovers to view and consume artwork – nude or otherwise. There are many groups working on this issue and it is high time that they put their heads together and make the effort to bring a visual arts center to light

If this were the case, this issue would be a non-issue, and this article would not be necessary. The online story “Threshold”, shares my vision which falls far short of my heart of the inspiration and swirl of images in my mind. It is a personal expression and tribute of a classic Leonardo DaVinci drawing and to Saint Francis of Assisi, which hardly could be seen to provoke lustful thoughts or to “stumble” others. I desire that others see that it has an aesthetic touch, and a story worth telling. It is my hope that this classic image renders objection so insignificant that the modest nudity in the painting can easily be overlooked.

So, now you can check out the whole page dedicated to its development… Threshold