So the day I took the pictures that this painting is coming from was also the first full day I was in the country. This represents a gathering of new believers preparing for baptism in the river. Everything was so strange and wonderful. There is a lot of work to do yet on this painting, but I am glad that I have started the process. My wife keeps asking me if I have figured out what I will do with a painting that is the size of a sheet of plywood (4’X8′), but with I WILL do with it is not the point… the point now is what I am DOING with it that matters. I am painting, meditating praying, considering and the process is a very therapeutic process for me to be going through. I work in a large corporation writing technical documents while sitting in my 8’X8′ cubicle… while extra large photos of India surround me. A couple of times a week I am able to paint a bit more on this painting – wondering why I am working in cubeville. Painting will not answer that for me, but it gets me out of there for a while as I think of lands far away. Below I will keep posting the progress.


This is the first photo of this painting with all of the crowd blocked-in.


I have added a few more people in the mid-ground.


Now you can see that the girl on the left is started. Still a lot of work to do on her. I am thinking of working on the rest of the crowd next.

Feed my Sheep

Not that most of the figures are in and the foreground is worked out, I did not like the sky being bright blue. So I toned it way down and added some atmosphere to the distance. Oh, I have titled this “Feed my Sheep”