Painting @ Vox 3

Painting @ Vox 2

Painting @ Vox 1

Last weekend I was asked to paint during an evening coffeehouse concert. The vibe was very cool and there were lots of great people to share the experience. When I was considering the evening’s theme “Techno-Primitive” it made me think of a drawing I know of in the style of a cave drawing, so I used this with a background of pages out of a computer magazine. I swirled the brick color on top of the photos to cover most of it up, and then began to work on the primitive looking “Ethos Man”. This man has a swirl coming from within his gut, and swirls upward. At the center of the top swirl, I ended the piece by screwing a Nokia cell phone into it. -Thanks to Staci Joy for the sweet photos of the night!!!