You are cordially invited to spend a rare and intimate evening of story and song with Daniel Amos frontman Terry Scott Taylor

Monday Sept 21st
Looking for Camarillo Eddie at the Brimer’s Camarillo Backyard BBQ

5:00 pm the grill will be hot. Bring your own meat and a side or dessert to share. (Chips and home-made cookies do count as sides) Beverages will be supplied.

Bring your own FOLDING CHAIR if you don’t want to sit on the ground.

7:00PM Terry Scott Taylor will be offering his witty, humorous and heartfelt songs and stories.

Terry is bringing his tip jar. Bring bills to fill it to the brim.

Terry Scott Taylor is a man who wears many hats. Singer. Cowboy hat. Songwriter. Baseball cap. Father. Fedora. Producer. Prophet. Prankster. Pioneer. As the founder of legendary CCM band Daniel Amos he helped pioneer a new artistically-minded aesthetic in a musically stunted genre. As the merry prankster behind the Swirling Eddies he became a supreme satirist while continuously shedding musical skins. As chief songwriter for the Lost Dogs he brought modern maturity to the old forms and helped make them relevant to new generations. As a composer for video games and cartoons he brought his quirky genius to bear in a field that had been rendered dull and void by electronic keyboards. As a solo artist he laid bare his personal life—its triumphs and tragedies—and made his story our story as well. Some of his songs are limericks. Some are literature. He’s flown under most of the radar for more than 30 years but those in the know rank him among our greatest living treasures.

Terry will not only entertain you with humorous and moving anecdotes and songs, he will offer readings from his forthcoming book of collected non-fiction, lyric recitations and commentary, and perform a variety of familiar songs as well as those rarely, if ever, performed in a live setting.

Even if you’ve never heard his music An Intimate evening with Terry Scott Taylor promises to be a surprising, ‘don’t miss’ one-of-a-kind event. Please join us and pass the word.