"A New Beginning" 16x20" Oil on Canvas Panel

“A New Beginning” 16×20″ Oil on Canvas Panel (SOLD)

I am not the first person to wander along the shoreline of the Monterey Peninsula and been consumed by the grandeur of natural beauty here. The Ohlone inhabited this land when the Spanish explorers first arrived. Fr. Junipero Serra made this his base once he established Borromeo de Carmelo mission in 1771. Artists, poets and writers came to carmel in droves after the 1907 San Francisco earthquake.

From the shoreline, we can see Humpback and Grey whales breaking the surface with a blast of spray marking their location. It is from here that my artistic path or trajectory is being reset. Each day brings newness. Each season contains a collection of days that we can look back on to find themes that when weaved together create distinct patterns. I am finding once again that this shoreline, this threshold between the seen and unseen world, brings me deep joy. This must be why I am attracted to the water here. The sea is rich with colors of teal and turquoise and churning with oxygen-filled waves. Below are a few paintings I have painted over the past month. The theme is obvious. The Sea