With the pile of yarn now in place, you can see it coming together. I have also added a layer of cable-knit to the scarf that I am pleased with. I am going to attempt to add a knitting needle to the scarf to show that action of knitting.

I did try a glaze of ultramarine blue over the coppertone, but I hated it. It came out purple. I will have to find a new blue to use for this… one that is warmer.

I am thinking of taking the string from the pile, and tying it to the ankle or finger of the figure in the left

panel… as a “reminder” of sorts … or maybe it can be the outline of the BOX that he is in. I have not made that part of the Threshold painting yet (…the outline of the box, from the original DaVinci drawing) Maybe I will do it in red yarn, THEN tie it to a finger. hmmmm…