So, I have decided to go back and rework a painting that I did about two years ago. The top one represents the painting as I had first laid it down on the canvas. Because I was so pleased with it as a first attempt to paint the human figure, and also with the fact that this is a painting of Steve, a close personal friend, who had just died of a short and desperate bout with cancer, I felt that it would have to do. Well, now with much more confidence with figure painting, I decided to pull this one out again and see where it goes. So after a couple of hours of working on it, you can see on the below image what form it is taking. I am much more pleased with this and I will continue on with the rest of the bedding to make it more neutral. Then off to the three figures in the right panel, as they too have a long way to go to get where I want them to be.

As I have my solo show coming up in October, and this series “The Face of Love” will be featured, I will also be working on finishing the final three diptychs addressing the themes of hunger, clean water and homelessness.